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dark (1)Their Works Shall Be in the Dark is the story of a group of young Mormon boys who make a pact to secretly explore activities which are forbidden by their religion.  Through their experiences with sin, guilt, and deceit, the boys learn in unexpected ways.  The stakes rise and their beliefs and relationships are tested as their plans begin to derail.

This novel was the winner of the 2015 Brodie Award for Best LDS-Interest Fiction from Main Street Plaza.

Amazon reviews say that the novel is “a most insightful and thought-provoking read,” that it has “an amazing grasp of the difficulties and internal struggles young people face as members of the Mormon Church” and that it’s “highly entertaining and the character development is top-notch.”

Their Works Shall Be in the Dark is available from



Tiem Mechine follows the adventures of Kenny Scanlon, a recently dumped, recently unemployed man who is just lucky enough to stumble across a working time machine at a yard sale.  He tries to use the machine to go back into his past and fix a few things, but he quickly stumbles across other time-traveling versions of himself, some of which seem to be out to get him.  It’s a funny and confusing chronicle of Kenny’s heartfelt, if misguided, attempts to improve his life through time travel.

Readers have called Tiem Mechine a “well conceived” and “quite refreshing” as well as “funny, confusing, a little ‘out there’, and definitely entertaining.”

Tiem Mechine is available from



The Weather Man marked my first foray into self-publishing.  It’s the story of a young man named Dan who feels that his life is somewhat lacking in several categories—he’s twenty, he’s single, he lives with his parents, he works in a fast food restaurant, and he attends a sub-par community college.  The novel, presented in the format of Dan’s personal blog, focuses on his dating experiences with a girl he meets at work.  Throughout the relationship, Dan struggles with his emotional maturity, strives to meet other people’s expectations while satisfying his own, and grapples with the differences between sex and affection.  Along the way, he’s aided by comments from his friends and readers.

Reviewers have praised the narrative style and cited a “very satisfying conclusion.”  One described it as “hilarious“—which is great because that’s exactly what I was going for.  Another called it “unpredictable” and “a bargain” as well as mentioning that he “laughed out loud, many times.”

The Weather Man is available on




The New Devil is an ongoing series of novellas that I’m adapting from my web serial of the same name.  It chronicles the dark, bizarre and often humorous events following a teenager’s murder.  When Jason Giles wakes up in Hell, he’s quickly tricked into taking over the devil’s job.  As the newest and most reluctant devil, Jason struggles to preside over demons and humans alike.  His most important goal, however, is to keep any number of strong, power-hungry creatures from ousting him, subjecting him to the same torture as all the other damned souls, and finding a way to break out of Hell and overrun the realm of the living with demonic armies.

Readers have called The New Devil a “very engaging story” that has “plenty of wit and action and [pulls] no punches” with “a protagonist that you can’t help cheering on, even if he is the Devil.”  Another concluded, “If you’re looking for a fun read, you won’t have to look any further than Hell.”

The series is available from, Smashwords, the Nook StoreGoogle Play and the iTunes Store.


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