About Me


Hi.  My name’s Alex.  I like to write.  The end.

The long version of the story is that I don’t usually like talking about myself.  When I’m in public and I’m expected to introduce myself, I generally just tell people my name.  And then I’ll tell them that I’m really boring and they should just let the next guy introduce himself instead.  If I’m backed into a corner and forced to reveal a morsel of information about my life, I usually wind up professing an unhealthy love for Netflix.

I’m a part-time writer.  I have a day job that involves a lot of working in a workplace.  I drive a car that has wheels and I live in a place that has an address.  I’m interested in music, and if the genre has the word “progressive” or the word “metal” in it somewhere, my curiosity is usually piqued.  I’m an extremely casual Starcraft player, and by “casual” I mean “bad” and by “extremely” I mean “laughably.”  I don’t read nearly as much as I used to, and I miss having that kind of time.  And by “that kind of time” I mean “time that isn’t absorbed by fanatical Netflix binges of The West Wing, Doctor Who, 30 Rock and Supernatural.”

The majority of my work is intended to be funny, and if it isn’t considered to be so, then it’s only because my comedic genius is just too high-brow.  (Come on…I’m kidding.)

I love connecting with my readers!  Please feel free to send me a tweet (@Phantasmatron) or shoot an email to AlexHansenAuthor at Gmail.com.



    1. Why, good sir, my literary taste is beyond reproach!

      I bet it was the baseball encyclopedia that killed my credibility, wasn’t it? I knew it.

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