Their Works Shall be in the Dark

My third novel, Their Works Shall be in the Darkis now available on Amazon.

The book follows a group of teenage Mormon boys as they secretly engage in behavior that is expressly forbidden by their religion.  As they delve deeper into experimental sin, their relationships with their families, with their beliefs, and with each other are all put to the test.

This is probably the most personal thing I’ve written in a very long time.  I drew heavily upon my own Mormon upbringing to flesh out the lives of my characters. And on a more basic level, the reasoning behind the book is a kind of personal quest of mine.

I began writing it because I was frustrated by my inability to relate the negative aspects of Mormonism in brief conversations.  Whenever my religious background is brought up around friends, acquaintances or coworkers, I find it very difficult to explain the amount of damage the church can do its members.  To most of the population that’s even heard of it, Mormonism is just a weird but harmless little religion.  To some who have lived it, it can be anything but harmless.

So I set out to write an interesting, character-driven story that could immerse the reader in the culture of mainstream Mormonism and illustrate some of the ways it can affect people’s lives, for good or for ill.  I didn’t want to write a novel full of hatred and vitriol, so I strove to produce a manuscript that presented Mormons in a positive light while revealing some of the less glamorous underpinnings of their faith.

I hope you’ll check it out!


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